The events management industry is a fascinating sector to get involved in. It offers great career opportunities with attractive rates of pay and lots of possibility for travel. It’s a growing field and, certainly in Australia, there’s never been a better time to get involved. If you’re thinking about changing career, or maybe you are fresh out of school or university and looking for something that could take you round the world and pay well too, then have a look at the different jobs available in events management.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll never get bored. It’s mostly a technical field with audio visual and electrical engineering being a big part. However, there’s also a lot of management opportunities available, along with more hands-on jobs like rigger, stagehand, security, and truck driver.

Let’s look at some of these positions in more detail. Maybe you’ll find the perfect role:


AV Technician: One of the most technical roles. Most AV technicians are expected to be well trained in using a variety of equipment. Video projectors, monitors, microphones, recording equipment and speakers. There really is a lot to learn. But these guys are paid well and are generally very happy in their work. It’s a lifelong learning process and if you love the technical side of things this may be the right job for you.


Electrician: Lots of electrical cables are needed at some of these big events, and thing can get quite complicated. While the AV guys might be busy with the equipment itself, someone needs to network the whole system. If you have any electrical knowhow, or are interested to learn, this could be an excellent career too.


Rigger– This is a great career for people who like to problem solve but also like hands-on physical work. Some of these big events need tonnes of equipment and staging to be put in place. Riggers often require scaffolding skills, as well as climbing skills, and a good knowledge of lifting procedures. It can be quite a physically demanding role at times, but very rewarding. If you are reasonably fit and have a good head for heights this may be the right job for you.


Truck Driver– All this kit has to get to the destination in the first place. Truck drivers who become involved in the industry usually gain an inside knowledge of many of the procedures involved. Most become auxiliary workers at events too. It’s a varied role, and one which can have a high degree of autonomy. If you have the skills and confidence to handle a 40 foot trailer loaded with millions of dollars of hi-tech equipment this might be the job for you.


If you are interested in this type of work why not get in touch with a local events company. There are many throughout Australia. If in the Melbourne area why not consult with a company like First Class Crew for more information on career opportunities.

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