Acupuncture is a cultural phenomenon that has gripped the world in the last few decades, with many people swearing by its healing and restorative properties.  Whilst the exact origin of acupuncture might be lost to history, there can be no doubt of its place in the current social consciousness as one of the leading homeopathic or alternative treatments for many ailments, especially pain and nausea.  However, there is another side of this practice, cosmetic acupuncture.  This is when acupuncture is utilised for purely cosmetic reasons and there is no pain relief or direct healing intended.  Cosmetic acupuncture is almost solely focused on the facial region and is intended to work as an anti-aging treatment.  It does this by stimulating the skins regenerative processes and generating collagen beneath the surface of the skin, causing it to look healthier and fuller.  As you might imagine, many people are sceptical of a process that involves piercing the skin, so here are two of the most commonly asked questions concerning cosmetic acupuncture.

 AcupunctureIs it safe?

As with most cosmetic procedures, acupuncture is perfectly safe so long as you visit a registered and trained practitioner for your treatment.  Trained professionals will know exactly how to insert the needles, how much pressure to apply and how deep to push them without causing any damage; at the most some very small bruising may occur if your skin is particularly delicate.  The only real health concerns should be ensuring that your skin is clean so that germs from the surface are not pushing beneath the skin by the needles and that the needles are sterilised before they are used.  None of this should be an issue if you visit registered practitioners such as Tao Acupuncture for your treatments.

How does it compare to more conventional treatments?

AcupunctureThe biggest issues with conventional cosmetic treatments is that they all involve applying chemicals onto or into the skin in ever increasing quantities, and in the long run this will prove detrimental to the skin in many cases.  These chemical based cosmetic treatments will usually have good results in the short term but over time they will take increasingly severe measures to maintain.  Cosmetic acupuncture focuses on the long term, gently stimulating small areas all across the face to improve blood flow, stimulate collagen release and combat muscle weaknesses that lead to wrinkles and lines.  The results are a long lasting, more natural looking youthfulness and glow from satisfied patients.

Aside from these questions, it should also be noted that cosmetic acupuncture is not only cheaper than pretty much all of the conventional cosmetic treatments on the market, but it is also very quick and requires no recovery time.  It is very possible to get a cosmetic acupuncture treatment in your lunch break and be back at your desk feeling revitalised and ready for the afternoon without anyone knowing where you have been.  The only clue will probably be the smile on your face.

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