Ever considered buying a boat? Why not? If you live near the coast it can be a fun pastime. Maybe you like fishing or maybe you just like being out on the water, there are many reasons why someone might buy a boat. It all sounds like a straightforward task, and in some ways it is, but there are a few things to take into consideration before rushing out to your nearest marina. Let’s late a look at a few things you should mull over before deciding on a course of action.


Before Buying


portDo you know anything about laws and regulations regarding owning a boat? In many countries the laws are quite lax, but in some you need to be qualified. In Australia there is no formal qualification needed to own a small boat. It is only seagoing vessels which need accreditation. However, it is advisable to have a basic understanding of seamanship, as many marinas will be reluctant to allow absolute nivices to enter their harbour.

Basic skills are reasonable easy, and inexpensive, to obtain. There are many training providers who can offer courses for beginners in powerboat operation, mechanical comprehension, navigation, and sea safety. Once qualified a boat owner will benefit from from lower insurance premiums and a much wider choice of marinas to sail from.


boat Where will you keep the boat? You don’t necessarily have to moor the boat in a marina. If it is small enough it can be kept at your home. You will need suitable transportation though: a 4×4 and a trailer would be sufficient for most RIB’s, ferry boats, or small yachts, but larger vessels will need a permanent mooring spot at a harbour. This can be expensive, and  should be a considered expense before purchasing a large craft. Also, it must be remembered that appropriate behavior is something strictly controlled at most marinas. There are limited time windows for access. Just because you have paid a monthly or annual fee does not mean that you have a right of entry at any time you want. Also, it is frowned upon to use your vessel as a place to socialise with friends. Late night drinking and excessive noise will surely result in a breach of contract.


How will you maintain the vessel? If you have never maintained a boat before there will be a sharp learning curve. Being knowledgeable of paints, veneers, marine engines, safety equipment may take some time to learn. Many people find it a labour of love and take a great deal of pride in keeping their boat in good condition. However, a neglected vessel can cause very serious complications for an owner, and the sea going integrity of the boat may be compromised if the correct maintenance in not carried out.

One important way to protect the boat from the elements id to have a professional wrap applied. There are companies in this procedure. Brisbane based Planet Wrap’s boat vinyls are a great way to give added protection to any vessel.

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