There are times when you know your going to make a lot of mess. Garden and home DIY jobs might be interesting to begin with but the debris soon builds up and before you know it there’s a bit of a problem. No one wants to live in a construction site, and when bags of waste start piling up in your front lawn you know it’s time for action.

That’s when it might be time to hire in a reliable skip bin hire company. There is only so much you can stuff in a wheelie bin, and a lot of DIY jobs produce waste which might not really be suitable for conventional refuse collectors. Hiring a skip might be an added expense but it the clever way to approach big jobs around the home.

Here are a few job in which it might be helpful to have a skip in place:


patioPatio/Slabbing Work – If a lot of earth needs to be moved you really can’t rely on a refuse collector. If you have a trailer it might be an idea to make several trips to a recycling yard, otherwise the best option is a skip. Any reputable provider will be licensed to remove and dispose of waste garden material.


Painting and Decorating– The amount of waste material which can build up from this may surprise you. A two or three bedroom house which has been fully decorated could easily fill a skip with rubbish. Old wallpaper, moulding, chipboard, paint cans etc need to be removed and much of it is not suitable for recycling. It is wise to separate recyclables from landfill if possible, but many items, like paint cans, can be difficult to clean. The most suitable option is a skip.


old-furnitureOld Furniture – If you’re buying a lot of new furniture that means a lot of old furniture must go. There are options to consider before skipping things though. Maybe some can be donated to charities like cat and dog homes, or maybe some of the furniture is still work using and can be passed on to friends and family. But if it really needs to be junked then a skip is possibly the best option. Some local authorities will collect certain items, or will allows a given number of uplifts per household, but if there are many they are unlikely to take them all.


House Extensions – The amount of waste created by most extensions may require a skip to be replaced several times. Even for relatively small jobs builders will dismantle a lot of heavy materials like slate, brick, render. Most of it is unsuitable for a refuse collector, and the high volume makes it impractical to dispose of in one or two visits. It’s also a hazard to have this material lying around homes and gardens, and can be a risk to children and pets. The practical solution is to keep it in a netted skip and request a replacement when it is full.

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