If you are a bit of a free spirit you might be looking for a job which allows you to travel a lot. There are certainly jobs out here which are more suited to the happy wanderer. If you don’t like the 9 to 5 routine, and you feel the need to spread your wings who not try one of these careers to get you on the road:


truck-driverTruck Driver – Ok, it probably won’t take you around the work, but it might. There are so many truck driving jobs, and there is a great amount of variety with the industry. If you have gained the necessary level of expertise you could find yourself working long-distance, or even overseas as part of a concert crew or sports company. There are many sporting events which require a full-time truck driver to take care of equipment as a company travels from place to place, and many bands need a dedicated trucker to help transport sound equipment from gig to gig.

It’s potentially a wonderful way to see the world, and the pay is actually quite good. Rightly so – the skills needed to be a competent driver are not gained overnight. Good drivers are prised employees and command a very nice financial package in return.


Road Crew – This is more like it! Getting a job as a roadie with a big band, now that’s an interesting proposition. These guys get to go to all the cool cities in the world. No roadie ever ends up in some backwater town. The nature of the work means it’s London, Paris, Tokyo.

To get into this type of work you been to have a few useful traits: physically fit, social, a good head for heights too. Actually roadies tend to do a lot of rigging work so a knowledge of lifting equipment and scaffolding will certainly go in your favour.


english-teacherEnglish Teacher – A fantastic way to see the non-English speaking parts of the world. Teachers can become citizens of the globe, and if they are good at it, there is an opportunity to make a comfortable living. There is a huge industry built up around TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language – and the possible destinations are far-flung and exotic. Choose from countries as diverse as Russia and Thailand. Or Spain and Japan. If you have a knack for English or you are a bit of a grammar nerd this is definitely a good choice.


Audio Visual Technician – Big concerts and events around the globe need a skilled team to technicians, Event organisers much prefer to use the same team again and again if possible. A crew which has bonded tends to produce better results, and if you become part of one you will be asked to travel wherever they go. The pay is good, as you’d expect from a technical role, and the job itself can very stimulating and rewarding. There are many companies in Australia which provide audio visual services domestically and abroad.

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