Bachelor Party

You only have a few days left of freedom before the big commitment is made. You’re getting married and it’s time to turn your back on the bachelor life and take that big step with a loving, faithful partner. One thing stands in your way – the bachelor party! Navigate this night and all will be well for the future. But, these kinds of events have a reputation for getting way out of hand. There are countless horror stories of young, good intentioned men and women making seriously bad judgements on such a night only to realise the next day that they’ve jeopardized their entire future.

So, how do we ensure that this special occasion passes with mirth but not excess. Here are a few idea to keep the night fresh without things getting too outrageous:


    1. Beware of the practical joker – There’s always someone who just doesn’t quite get the boundaries of good taste when it comes to pranks. We’ve all met them. Guys who think that humour is found in the extreme. These are the people who simply should not be invited. Whether it’s a close friend or a sibling or a workmate, if you know they have an eye for mischief don’t  invite them. Instead invite someone you know has a practical, common sense approach to things. Someone you can trust to intervene if the situation gets messy. It doesn’t need to be a vicar’s tea-party, but not everyone needs to go crazy either.


  • Choose your battleground – If you want to have good night out with friends and family to celebrate the union of two soulmates then stripbars and nightclubs might not be appropriate. Theses are the first-stop suggestions whenever a bachelor party is planned but, overall, they are not great venues for a party. Choose a few nice bars and a restaurant. Maybe there will be a lot of alcohol that night, but it doesn’t have to be a reckless affair.
  • Incorporate an activity – You’ve got the whole night ahead of you, do you really want to spend it all in bars? Why not break up the occasion with a trip to a bowling alley or pool hall. Or start the night with a spa or trip to a luxury barber shop. The old fashioned style of bouncing from bar to bar lacks a bit of creativity. Spice up you night with an activity which brings all your closest companions together in a more sophisticated social setting.


  1. Create your own end of evening gathering – When the night is closing why not have your own party venue. Hire a function hall or even just back to to your place. Have the food you like listen to the music you like. Drink the beer or wine you like. It’s supposed to be a night for close friends so why share it with everyone else.  There are lots of businesses out there who can cater for a bachelor party, and if you need someone on the turntables there are companies like Charlie Sparx’s dj hire services to keep the music pumping all night long.


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