There are many gardens in Australia that could use a little TLC. Not everyone has the proverbial green thumbs, and not everyone is interested in horticulture. But it’s undeniable that we all like a nice garden or backyard and, if we are honest with ourselves, we know more should be done to keep things in order.

Luckily there are many options for the reluctant gardener. If you want an easily maintained garden space there are various ways to achieve this without breaking the bank. A little time and effort now can mean a carefree, or at least minimal approach towards maintenance in the future.

So let’s take a look at some of the simple, practical ideas which can be employed to turn a garden into a fantastic, weedfree area:


  • concrete-slabConcrete Slabs – The easiest and most pragmatic option. An experienced builder or landscape gardener should be used but the skills necessary are not that difficult to pick up and many homeowners are more than capable of taking up this kind of job. Slabbing a garden will effectively end the need for garden maintenance all together. The only concern will be to periodically remove weeds from the grouting between the slabs which, no matter how well the slabs have been laid, will eventually need attention. Possibly the only dislikable aspect of slabbing is the obvious lack of greenery. Although many people don’t like gardening most like to see at least some sort of foliage on their property. Luckily this is easy to incorporate. If a suitable border is left around the slabbing perimeter there will always be room for shrubs and bushes. Also, many people with slabbed backyards like to use potted plants and creepers to keep a bit of nature close at hand.
  • Create a Rockery – A very popular feature in low maintenance gardens is a rockery. This can be a fun project and many homeowners take pride in sourcing the materials that will make the rockery a unique and interesting addition to their property. Like slabbing it does take a little industry knowledge to get it right but it is basically a simple process which can be handled by anyone who cares to try. And rocks are just the tip of the iceberg. Most rockery owners have a theme in mind. You can forget about the once ubiquitous garden gnome. Your only limit is your imagination.
  • pondExcavate a Pond – Now we are getting into expert territory. A simple pond may be easy enough, but a bigger one might need specialist equipment.  Also, if the pond is to thrive it will need a regular supply of fresh water. No great drama, but a pumping system will need to be installed. Many people are capable of this kind of project and if in doubt homeowners can seek advice from experts such as Strongman Pumps, a nationwide pump supplier. The great thing about a pond is it still incorporates a natural setting. Many homeowners see this as an ideal way to utilise a garden without turning it into an urban space.


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