We all want an attractively furnished home but sometimes the options all seem a bit limited. Go to any big furniture retailer and the same designs and styles can be seen again and again. Eventually most of us just accept what’s on offer and make the best choice from what’s available.

But if you’re willing to do a little leg work, there are alternatives out there. Today’s marketplace has some fantastic furniture which might not get the attention it deserves, but can certainly compete with what most high street retailers have to offer.

One attractive style is retro: this covers a number of bygone themes which are still popular today, and for a growing number of homeowners they are much more desirable than modern styles.

Let’s look at some of the most sought-after ones:




Fancy yourself as a bit of a hippy? If you like Afghan coats and flared jeans you should maybe think about decorating your home to fit your style. How about patterned pillows, Persian rugs, Moroccan lights, and some low, black latticed oriental tables. You get the picture. Cozy, disorganised, carefree, and chilled. This is a timeless look that suits the deep thinker. Let the spiritual vibes of the world come to your living room and feel an instant rush of good karma whenever you come home.


20s Retro

Glamour from a bygone time. There is something substantial about he curves which accompany much of the furniture from this era. Imperial desks and lighted dressing mirrors. Grandiose balustrades and Chesterfield chairs. This was the time when hip flasks and gold cigarette holders were all the rage. The attention to detail is fabulous at this time, and the style still holds well today with many homeowners turning their backs on contemporary designs for a more timeless effect.



georgianThe height of English finesse and elegance, Georgian or Regency style is what most people think of as antique. Lots of Mahogany and Oak, card tables, marble tops, glass fronted bookcases, this design is synonymous with aristocracy and high society. To some it is classed as old fashioned, but to others with an eye for good materials it represents the height of craftsmanship in a world where first impressions often supersedes quality.


Luckily we don’t need to trawl through flea markets and auctions halls to find these types of goods. There are companies throughout Australia which can offer a vast array of high quality antique reproduction furniture for all tastes. Most of it can be made to order from an existing plan, or if a customer only has a rough idea of what they want, most companies offer help and guidance for customers to make their own unique designs. Either way it’s a much more rewarding experience than buying from a high street retailer.


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