Excavation is very serious work.  The job is tough and the machines needed are powerful and as such the risk of injury is high if you don’t know what you are doing.It is important to not attempt an excavation task unless you are well versed in the processes and equipment required, but this means that if you have excavation work that needs doing, then you are going to need to hire an earthmoving company to get the job done.  But the size and scale of your project will in some ways dictate the type of excavation company that you are going to need to use, but doing your research and asking the right questions will help ensure that you get the best earthmoving company for your project.


Start by investigating the experience of the company and the key individuals within it.  If it is a small operation with only a few staff members then you should be able to find records of their previous work and see how those projects turned out.  Check online reviews and make sure that no one is saying anything terrible about the company and that they have no real disasters in their past.  For larger companies the task is a bit different in the sense that you will struggle to find real information about the staff members that will actually be onsite working for you, but you will be able to find a lot more reviews, opinions and public documentation about the companies projects online.


When you have done your basic research, it always pays to try and find previous clients and see if they would recommend the company you are thinking about using.  Ask them if they were always punctual, if the workforce were professional and polite and if they managed to stick to their time and budgetary schedules.  Having this information first hand from an actual client, not the company’s own website really adds weight to the evidence that you will have seen elsewhere.  Any company can have a bad project, or a project where everything goes wrong, but it is how they handle these problems that really make or break their reputation.

excavatorsSpeak to several companies

By having similar conversations with several companies you will get to know what the latest equipment is, how they would approach the task and how they would arrange the project in regards to time, people, equipment and budget.  By comparing this information across several companies you will be able to spot if any of them stick out as significantly different from the rest.  This should be a warning sign in itself but using this together with all of the other information should give you a fairly rounded picture of the companies you are considering.

Armed with this information, don’t feel as though you can’t challenge something with one of the companies and see how they respond.  The worst thing that will happen is they will not wish to discuss it and you take your business elsewhere.  Given the scale and risks involved in an excavation project, it is always best to take your time and not rush the decision of who to hire.

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