buyers-agentEver considered a career as a buyers agent? It’s one of those jobs that slips under the radar when someone is looking for a new work life. It’s an interesting role which needs certain characteristics which not all people possess, but those who do can make a very comfortable living in this industry. In Australia today there is an ever-increasing trend to seek the services of a reliable buyers agent when looking for a new home. It has become a very in-demand service and the need for good buyers has never been higher.

If you have an interest in becoming a buyers agent you might want to consider if you possess the following traits:


Attention to Detail

There is a lot of paperwork involved in selling a home.  The entire process needs an analytical approach and great agents tend to be highly organized people. Mistakes or failure to make the proper checks can result in a substantial financial loss for clients and, ultimately, the financial liability will rest with the agent. Lax or unprofessional agents can be fined and prosecuted for such failures, and the responsibility involved to produce high accuracy work can be a turn off to many who consider a career in the profession.


Sales and Negotiation Skills

A buyer really does need to be good with people. They are expected to be approachable and likable. Great buyers are often very charismatic people who love the challenge of negotiation. If you are shy, reserved, or find meeting strangers difficult, maybe this job isn’t for you. The best agents enjoy the commercial environment. They usually excel in situations where bold suggestions need to be made to sellers and buyers. If you think you can interact with people in a professional, agreeable manner while asking sometimes disagreeable questions then maybe this is the job for you.


An Interest in the local Area

The best agents are experts in the area they work in. Knowing a lot about property and property law is great, but having an extensive knowledge of everything in an area is priceless information to a potential buyer. Do you know the best schools? How about where to buy the best Italian food? Is there any development plans being considered near the property? Are there any traffic bottlenecks nearby? All these things are not only valuable for the prospective client but they can be used in negotiations too. Sellers are not obliged to tell buyers any negative information regarding the general area, but having a comprehensive picture of a suburb or town can be useful when making an offer.


Ultimately the ability to deal with many tasks simultaneously, and keep a measured, professional manner at all times is a real bonus for prospective buyers. There may be several sales transactions to be handled at any one time and the ability to juggle several sales strategies at the same time is a fantastic skill for this kind of work.


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