Welcome to the new DullesFreeway.Org

Now that it appears that federal money for Dulles Rail will be problematic, we must redouble our efforts to take back control of our many-times-already-paid for highway from the porkmeisters.

Here is how it can be done:

  1. We need to throw out the special transportation district established for Dulles Rail. There is about $50 million in refunds due to property owners. We need a brave and unconflicted lawyer for this; do you know of any?
  2. The Toll Plazas need to be torn down so that greedy politicians will not be tempted to sell, mortgage, or pledge tolls for their own parochial purposes. The Dulles Rail package had over $500 million in fees built in!
  3. The outer four lanes need to be rebuilt to federal standards with 12′ lanes and adequate shoulders– to make it Interstate 267.
  4. The inner two lanes need to be expanded to three lanes and time of day tolled for congestion relief, free to airport traffic.
  5. Transit demand for the next 50 years can be accommodated with rubber tired vehicles traveling at 60 mph on the inner lanes.
  6. The Tysons billionaires can handle their own internal circulation needs on their own. The Dulles Freeway system will hook up with the Tysons circulators at Spring Hill Road, a facility already built.

Thanks for your help. We have the opportunity to save the taxpayers of Northern Virginia more than $12 billion in imposed taxes, when interest, operating deficits, and amortization over 40 years is taken into account.

Help us make these sensible ideas a reality.

Chris Walker